Flush door frames

Design is the art
to connect functionality with aesthetics
Design solution for ambitious people

Architrave-free doorways are an important feature of modern building design, to give rooms a more spacious and uncluttered look.

Perfect, simple and fast assembly

AGS has overcome the problem with vibration cracks by using an integral plastering reinforcement mesh, that bonds the frame to the wall in a permanent way. No cracks, no frame sealants!

Perfect lines & gaps
by using profiles for flush door frames
Concealed frame
Frameless for the special living comfort
The hidden door frames offer new interior design opportunities. The door will be integrated in the room concept as a wall designed element. With its puristic and clear look the frameless are an optical highlight in modern architectural rooms. The room will be lend an elegant and timeless design focusing on the less is more effect.
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Shadow gap profile system
Casing frames - Tradition of the future
The wall-flush doors with its perfect shadow gap outline guarantees not only a timeless and elegant design, it even gives the room an individual look. The perfection becomes apparent in the details. The traditional casing frame can be used as a high-demanded design element.
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Concealed sub-frame
Block frames - perfection with tradition
Block frames are long-lasting and traditional design elements. Minimalist frames are the ideal design impacts in the modern architecture. These door profiles can be used for residential and other building such as hotels, bars, schools and more.
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Special frames
Wall flush versatility
For perfect design it is essential that all the elements harmonize with each other. Along to door frames and skirting boards, there is a variety of elements that can be realized in a minimalist style. Special frames enable the realization of special design requirements with the wall-flush system solution by AGS-systems.
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Here you can get general information, product pictures, standards and hints on our different profiles. Assembly instructions and sectional drawings can be found in the according chapter of the respective profiles.