Flush skirting boards

Exalted comfort
for ambitious people
connects function with a special look

New benchmarks are the most important task in the modern architecture; clear forms and harmonious accords of all parts. The flush skirting board guarantees timeless elegance and a high comfort for your own four walls in a simple way. 

That's the key!

Thanks to the flush system there is no dust on the top edge of the skirting board and no cleaning strips on the walls.

Unlimited material available

New benchmark in material assortment: from classic woods as oak and ash, to wenge and service tree to aluminium- and stainless steel laminate, dirt-repellent surfaces, corian, carbon, skirting boards with personalized engraving etc. No limits for material assortment. Flexible structuring of the skirting board height from about 45 mm to 120 mm.

Impact footfall sound insulation
The advantage of peace and calm

Since there is no direct contact between floor, skirting board and brickwork, the flush is the ideal impact footfall sound solution. Floor oscillations won‘t be transmitted. This was proved by an external testing Institute.

Product range
Profiles for flush skirting boards
Light aluminium profiles
Aluminium profile for wooden skirting boards (drywall and masonry)
With its clear lines and the ideal connection between skirting boards and plaster the concealed profiles refine the room in its optical look and meet the latest design standards. Thanks to the special construction method there is no allowance of a direct contact between the floor, skirting board and walls, therefore the flush is the ideal impact footfall sound solution. Suitable for visibile skirting elements with a depth of 9mm in different materials.
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C70 aluminium profiles
Aluminium profiles for tiles/clinker/natural stones (drywall and masonry)
Thanks to the C70 profiles the flush appearance can be reflected in bathrooms and even in kitchen living, there are no visual limits. The profiles are suitable for tiles, natural stones and ceramics with a depth of 12mm.
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Z profiles
PVC profile (drywall)
Especially invented for dry constructions, where costs and an easy installation is most in demand. The Z profiles form a special unit with the plasterboard and the flush skirting boards. Moreover it stands for elegance and architectual highlight. It can be used a big range of different materials.
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45ASR aluminium profiles
An alu profile with shadow gap (drywall)
The minimalist linear design - a lasting trend. The perfect solution for walls measured in Inch. The skirtings will be integrated in the wall or disapears completey. A must-have for all lovers of modern interior design.
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the revolutionary plug-system
Simple, fast and professional installation guaranteed using our accessories. No need of mitre-cut thanks to the special plug-system. Flush skirtings on stairs, platforms and roundings. Find all accessories on our product list.
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